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     WINNER Best Comedy Feature, St Paul Frozen Film Festival

     WINNER Audience Choice Award, Chicago Comedy Film Festival

     WINNER Top Female Filmmaker Award, Chicago Comedy Film Festival

     Best                        Audience                       Top          

  Comedy                      Choice                      Female                

  Feature                        Award                     Filmmaker

Selected Quotes:

Maria Burton‘s latest addition... all the right bits... some genuine fun, plenty of charm.... For The Love Of George is light and breezy stuff, but it’s also very entertaining and makes for a movie that’s terrifically satisfying. - That Moment In Review

Directed by Maria Burton, the female-empowered comedy...  sends the message that a woman doesn’t necessarily need a man in order to be happy.

- Solzy at the Movies

For the Love of George



A jilted wife leaves her husband and jets to Los Angeles in search of the man of her dreams: George Clooney.

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