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Athena Award
Athena Film Festival

Best Director
DT Los Angeles Film Festival

World Premiere


South by SW Film Festival

Audience Choice
Chicago Comedy Film Festival


Audience Award

Sarasota Film Festival

Selected Press

"Directed by Maria Burton with a warm breeziness that makes the unique subject matter important and the characters compelling."
                                                                            - The Independent Critic on A Sort of Homecoming

What is most apparent about the Burton Five is how upbeat they are."

                                                                            - The Los Angeles Times

"Capra-esque. Charming, charming, charming."

                                                                            - Bob Garfield, NPR on Manna From Heaven

"Refreshingly sincere, gentle & good natured."

                                                                           - David Kehr, New York Times on Manna From Heaven

"Maria Burton's affection for the story's characters is infectious."

                                                                           - The Hollywood Reporter

"This entertainment romantic comedy reveals director Maria Burton as talent to watch."

                                                                           - Variety on Just Friends

"You'll be hearing more about the Burtons."

                                                                           - Liz Smith, New York Post

"Burton delicately crafts this charming and touching film."

                                                                           The Film Prospector on A Sort of Homecoming

"I would certainly recommend this Independent film to anyone who finds feel good dramas to their liking and I ... look forward to seeing more work of Maria Burton in the future..."

                                                                           Film Fervor on A Sort of Homecoming


NY Filmmakers Award

Empire State Film Festival


Audience Award

Big Bear Film Festival


Best Dramatic Feature

WorldFest Houston Festival


Audience Award

Fort Myers Film Festival

Top Female Filmmaker
Chicago Comedy Film Festival

Best Comedy Feature
St. Paul Frozen Film Festival

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