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Selected Quotes:

"Dead-on take of a generation at the crossroads."  Variety


"What’s not to admire about the spunk of the young, multi-talented Burton sisters whose family’s creative gene pool not only spawned the film’s director, but also its scriptwriter and several of its actors?" 

- Immagine Magazine

"As it progresses playfully and casually towards it’s end, it arrives at some essential, true-to-life conclusions."  

- New England Film Magazine



In this quirky comedy, five friends in their late 20s are plunging headlong into a “quarterlife crisis.” With seemingly limitless options, will Jane find a job that’s more than just a fling? Will Georgia’s short term compromises lead to her long term goals? Can Jonah be happy doing what he’s good at? Should Ben go corporate in love as well as work? Can Ally find some answers to these questions? In this slice of life comedy, the gang of TEMPS learns that you don't need to have everything to have enough.


GABRIELLE BURTON (Green Card Fever, Manna From Heaven)

TIM BOHN (Friends, Lois & Clark)


KATRINA STEVENS (American Playhouse’s Grapes of Wrath)

URSULA BURTON (The Office, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood)

SEYMOUR CASSEL (Faces, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums)

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